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March 7th, 2023

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Like Next.js / Nuxt but as do-one-thing-do-it-well Vite plugin.

Like Next.js/Nuxt but as do-one-thing-do-it-well Vite plugin.

Introducion & documentation ➡️
Examples (official) ➡️ examples/
Examples (community) ➡️ Many tools have community examples of being used with vite-plugin-ssr – search (CTRL+K) for the tool you want an example of.

Version history (& breaking changes) ➡️

Follow ➡️ Twitter > @brillout, or Mastodon >

Report a bug ➡️ GitHub Issue > Bug Report.
Request a feature ➡️ GitHub Issue > Feature Request.
Get help ➡️ GitHub Discussions.
Chit-chat ➡️ Discord. ⚠️ DON'T use Discord to get help: we use Discord for casual conversations about vite-plugin-ssr and broader topics.

Feel free to PM brillout ➡️ On Twitter, or on Discord right-click on the username brillout => Message.
Sponsor brillout ➡️ Rom Brillout Sponsors. You'll get a private Discord channel and get live support from brillout directly.

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