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The Populist web app built with Next.js

March 17th, 2023

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Technologies Used:

Getting Started

To get started, you'll need a .env file. You can simply cp .env.example .env and reach out to someone on the team to get the more sensitive credentials if necessary. Alternatively, if you have an account setup with Vercel, you can download their CLI with npm i -g vercel and then pull one down securely with vercel env pull. This file is .gitignored

First, download the necessary dependencies with pnpm install

Then, run pnpm generate to generate the typings and hooks from the Populist API. More on this below.

Now you can run the development server:

pnpm run dev # or npm run dev # or yarn dev

Open http://localhost:3030 with your browser to see the result.


This repository leverages automatic code generation for GraphQL to make managing our types and fetchers seamless. You can run pnpm generate to automatically generate TypeScript type bindings, an updated GraphQL schema, and typed hooks for fetching data. This command updates the generated.tsx file based on the queries and mutations defined in the /graphql directory. If you update these GraphQL files, or you are aware that the API has been modified, you'll need to run pnpm generate to create the most recent type bindings and fetchers. We use react-query as our client side caching layer. All queries are automatically cached based on the provided query key. This dramatically improves client side user experience and minimizes unnecessary calls to the API.


This application is deployed via Vercel. You can see the dashboard at The main branch is automatically deployed to staging. The production branch is automatically deployed to production. For all other branches, Vercel automatically spins up a preview deployment for you to see how your changes will behave in a production like setting. The preview deployments point to the staging API, and the production deployment points to our prod API and database.

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