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personal site, blog and portfolio. Build using Next.js

March 10th, 2023

personal site, blog and portfolio. Build using Next.js 's picture


๐ŸŽง The source for my personal site, blog and portfolio. Build using Next.js and hosted on Vercel.

Hi! I'm Cory. ๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿป

This is the code for my personal website and portfolio. Built using Next.js and deployed on Vercel.

Built with:


Git submodules are used to split out different assets from the core application. Media is private and fetched at build time using vercel-submodules.

  • Media: public/static/images/media

Technologies Used:



Request typeURIParamsGET/api/booksNone

This API returns the books I'm currently reading on Oku, transformed from the RSS feed available on the appropriate collection.


Request typeURIParamsGET/api/moviesNone

This API returns the movies I've recently logged on Letterboxd, transformed from the RSS feed available on my profile.


Request typeURIParamsGET/api/music{ type?: string; limit?: string; format?: string; period?: string }

This API returns the music I've recently listened to and scrobbled to It supports several parameters, namely type which is used to determine what whether albums, artists or tracks are returned. The limit parameter controls the number of entries in te response. The format parameter controls the response format (XML or JSON) and the period parameter controls the time period covered in the response.


Request typeURIParamsGET/api/tvNone

This API returns the tv episodes I've recently logged on Trakt fetched from their API.


Request typeURIParamsGET/api/webfingerNoneGET/.well-known/webfingerNone

This returns a response consistent with the Webfinger specification intended to make discovery on open platforms like Mastodon easier (e.g. searching for will yield my profile in search).


Request typeURIParamsGET/api/tv{ target: string }

This returns webmentions for a given post on my site, with the target parameter accepting a url for the target post.

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