How to create a UK paypal account in Nigeria or anywhere in the World

How to create a UK paypal account in Nigeria or anywhere in the World 

To create a UK paypal account in Nigeria that won't be blocked easily or have issues and behave exactly like it was opened in UK is easy and i'll put you through the steps.

Opening a UK paypal Account is similar to opening UAE or lesotho paypal account. 

Things you need for this tutorial:

  1. VPN or Proxy
  2. A preferred UK number 
  3. A wise Account or any close-relative or alternative to Wise
  4. Smart Phone preferably a PC
  5. An email that is not associated with another paypal account
if you have a VPN, a trusted VPN, a very good one, switch your location to UK immediately.
Open your browser just go to and it will automatically switch to 

But if you dont have a good vpn you can use a proxy, this step might be long though but i recommend it as that is what i have been using and i haven't had issues with it.
    To do this, you will need two tools (1) hydraproxy and (2) dolphin-anty

Now this step might cost you a little bit but its worth it.
if you want to take that route, you might consider checking my post about it, its not gonna take much of your time, See it HERE.

 after connecting to the Proxy, just go to google and type what is my location to be sure you're in UK, the search for paypal on google and click the result, or simply and it'll automatically take you to the UK paypal page, well, for me i'll prefer to open a business paypal account or better still depending on your choice, i use mine for arbitrage, i have a post on that if you'll like to know a trick to earning a few bucks with paypal, See it HERE.

Now fill in the information, when it gets to your Nationality, dont lie o, just put your true nationality, there wont be any problem, now you input your UK number. if you don't have, you can purchase on or any other company you feel is better.
use your  normal email and make sure it is not affiliated to any other paypal account.
when it gets to your address, you can check HERE for UK addresses, dont worry, there won't be any problem. 

when you're done, they'll send a mail, if you are using a proxy, it will be stressfull to start to login again on your browser to confirm the mail but that will be preferred or you can risk confirming it in your location but i advice logging in to confirm or use a vpn as well to confirm it.

Now to verify it is as easier than you think, you dont need any document unlike the US paypal where you need SSN and stuffs like that, to verify your paypal account, you just need to add a card or a bank account, you can upload your drivers license though and utility bill but it is not necessary, i haven't had a need for that at all.
this is where a wise Account becomes important. 
if you dont have a wise account you will need to get one to continue, you can create one easily HERE.
verify the account and you will have access to a UK account or GBP account details.
it's simple, just go to paypal and add bank account and copy the details from your wise account and paste in there, they'll send you $1 to confirm the account is functional, the alert will come with a four digit code or as they call it, a paypal code which you will use to confirm that it is functional. 

Note: Not all platforms that issue UK account  details will work as some of them are just virtual, wise has a physical branch and i'm sure based on experience that Paypal will accept it unless they change their terms but as at when writing this post, they still accept it

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