how to create a proxy for any country IP with Hydra-proxy and Dolphin-Anty, change your Location to any African Country

 how to create a proxy for any country IP with Hydra-proxy and Dolphin-Anty and change your Location to any African Country

the most asked question on google is  "what is my ip and what is my location", we all know the reason why.
many people want to change their location to access one service or the other, for one reason or the other, sometimes vpn's don't give you the real deal and you're still stuck in the same location and you're restricted. thanks to Hydra-proxy, you can access US only services anywhere as well as other countries.
you can change your IP to any African country of your choice

In this Tutorial, we will use UK, you can use any country of your choice as well.

First of all, go to, create an account and choose a plan and purchase it (Residential).
I got mine at $5, i dont know how much it will be by the time you're seeing this

 its simple and you can generate proxy details for any country you need, just check the list, choose the country you need, in our case, its UK, so you choose it

Look by your left at the navigation pane and select residential, the choose the country of your choice, 
change rotation to sticky. you can change access points depending on how many proxies you want to generate.

click Generate and copy any of them if you generated more than 1 access points
now download dolphin-anty from 
install it and create an account and use the proxy you copied from hydra-proxy to set it up.
so whenever you wanna do anything with a UK paypal account, just go to Dolphin-anty and connect it and automatically Dolphin anty will setup a browser for you and anything you do in that browser will be as if you're doing it in the UK

So download the dolphin anty app, install and create an account and you should see something like this

now click the plus (+) sign at the top right corner and you should see something like this

you can use any name, in this case i chose UK account for the purpose of this tutorial, status is not a must, i always choose macOs, change it from HTTP to SSH and copy the proxy generated from hydra proxy and paste it as shown in the screenshot. if it was looked up you'll see the location as in the screenshot, if it doesn't locate it, go back to hydra-proxy to be sure you copied it well

let it look like the screenshot below before you generate another proxy

Afterwhich you can now generate and copy it, then paste it in Dolphin anty as i had said earlier, when you are done, tap create at the top right hand corner and you're done, just click START to connect it and it will open a your default browser and you can start using it, you can create multiple profiles so that anytime you need an IP of any country it'll be eaiser for you.

Thats it for this tutorial, any questions? Ask in the comments

if you have any issues share in the comments, i'll prefer if you share your problems with a screenshot and don't forget to hide your proxy details.


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