Iphone iOS Feature Available in Nigeria.

Some iOS and iPadOS capabilities are not currently accessible in every country or language, according to Apple. You've probably heard that a number of features aren't available in Nigeria, and this is undoubtedly correct.

Some people acquire phones solely for the sake of prestige, without fully understanding the characteristics and features that are available and accessible in their area.

I've compiled a list of iPhone functions that aren't available in Nigeria or many other African nations. I'm sure many people would wonder what iPhone functions they can't use in their own countries in Africa.
  1. Accessibility: VoiceOver

  2. Accessibility: Image Descriptions for VoiceOver

  3. Accessibility: Voice Control

  4. Apple CarPlay

  5. Apple News

  6. Apple News+

  7. Apple News Audio

  8. Apple Pencil: Searchable Handwriting

  9. Apple Pencil: Copy Handwriting as Text

  10. Apple Pencil: Data Detectors

  11. Apple Pencil: Scribble

  12. Apple TV+

  13. Apple Wallet: Apple Pay

  14. Apple Wallet: Apple Card

  15. Apple Wallet: Apple Cash

  16. Apple Wallet: Driver’s License & State ID2

  17. Apple Wallet: Transit

  18. Dictionary: Definition

  19. Health: Download Health Records to iPhone

  20. Health: Share Health App Data with Healthcare Providers

    • Health: Organ Donation

    • Health: Lab Results Highlights and Pinning

    • Health: Lab Results Educational Content

    • Health: Blood Glucose Highlights

    • iTunes Store: Movies

    • iTunes Store: TV Shows

    • Live Text

    • Maps: Detailed City Experience

    • Maps: Directions

    • Maps: Turn-by-Turn Navigation

    • Maps: Lane Guidance

    • Maps: Speed Limits

    • Maps: Speed Cameras

    • Maps: Congestion Zones

    • Maps: Transit

    • Maps: Real-Time Transit

    • Maps: Cycling

    • Maps: Look Around

    • Maps: Augmented Reality Walking Directions

    • Maps: Refine Location

    • Maps: Flyover

    • Maps: Nearby

    • Maps: Indoor Maps Airports

    • Maps: Indoor Maps Malls3

    • Notes: Searchable Text in Images and Scans

    • QuickType Keyboard: Language Support

    • QuickType Keyboard: Autocorrection

    • QuickType Keyboard: Predictive Typing

    • QuickType Keyboard: Multilingual Typing

    • Siri: Movies

    • Siri: TV

    • Siri: Movie Showtimes

    • Siri: Dictionary

    • Spotlight Suggestions

    • Visual Look Up

    Many of this features listed above aren't available to majority of Africans.

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