how to send money to kenya from nigeria

 how to send money to kenya from nigeria

When it comes to money transfers, many people got many views, some say The fastest and easiest way is Eversend (The mobile only banking alternative ) - you can add money to your Eversend by bank transfer or VISA/Mastercard and send it to MPESA in Kenya instantly. Best rates in the market, some say You can use world remit or probably western union or paypal 


Enjoy low fees when you send money home or abroad. Transfer money directly to a bank account, Skrill wallet or mobile wallet - the choice is yours.

Use Skrill to m-pesa..all you need is skrill account,upload money and the reciever also get mpesa account.He will give you his name and phone and you the transfer the money from your skrill.He will get alart on his/her phone within a minute.

  • Neteller
Send money to a bank account overseas with NETELLER and you won't pay any transfer fees. Use the calculator on the international money transfer option and find out how much you could save.
All you need are funds in your account and a recipient email. It takes only a few seconds and your money is sent instantly!
  • Wise
At Wise, they never hide extra fees and charges in the exchange rate. They just use the exchange rate – independently provided by Reuters. That means fair, low-cost transfers, every time.

Compare Wise exchange rates and fees with some of the biggest money transfer and remit services, such as Barclays, MoneyGram or WorldRemit.
  • Eversend
You can send money to residents of Ghana, Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda- either to their mobile money or to their Eversend wallet. 
  • PayPal
PayPal partnership with M-Pesa and Equity Bank allows you to send money to your loved ones, business partners or your freelancers in Kenya using PayPal. Once they have received the money in their PayPal account, they can transfer the money to their M-Pesa account or Equity Bank account.
  • MoneyGram
MoneyGram locations near you, they make transferring money online, on the app, or in person, fast and convenient.

With just the click of a button, you can send online, and whether you are sending money to cover household expenses, unexpected emergencies, or sending a gift, MoneyGram has you covered. There are locations across Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia, Cameroon, Senegal, Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Morocco, Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Ethiopia, Ivory Coast, Gambia, Sierra Leone, Burkina Faso, Mali and all across Africa.

You can send direct to M-Pesa mobile wallets in Kenya and Tanzania, Ecocash mobile wallets in Zimbabwe or Zeepay, Vodafone cash, Airtel Tigo Money or MTN momo mobile money wallets in Ghana to get the money where you need it, when you need it, quickly.

You can also send money direct to bank accounts in Morocco, Ghana and Nigeria. They have most banks covered.

Be sure to check the MoneyGram cost estimator to find great exchange rates and fees for your money transfer.
  • Western Union
To promote reliable money movement, they encrypt every transfer you make to Kenya. 
  • Ezipay
  • Wirepay
  • Afriex

Afriex is a multi-currency app to send and receive money from anywhere in the world.
Afriex is 25% cheaper than Western Union or MoneyGram and they offer amazing exchange rates.
They leverage blockchain technology to ensure end-to-end encryption on all your transactions.
  • Dash app
Dash App makes it extremely easy to save, pay bills, send and receive money instantly at a fraction of the cost. Currently in GH , KE and NG.

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