How to get into tech as a nurse

 How to get into tech as a nurse

Wondering how to get into tech as a nurse? Our guide walks through everything you need to know to launch your tech career.

In the market, medical transcription is a common entry point for those with medical education working in IT. A path would be to get familiar with the workings of the organization and learn the tech

The booming tech industry needs professionals with diverse abilities. And nurses bring in-demand skills to the tech field. With technical and non-technical job openings, the tech sector has something for everyone. 

Curious about how to get into tech as a nurse? Start by considering your strengths and which roles overlap with your skills and interests. Then, research the requirements for your target career path. Finally, craft a strong application and work on your interview skills. 

Our guide provides a step-by-step resource for nurses moving into tech.

Transferable skills from nursing to tech

Nurses have many in-demand skills useful for tech careers, such as: 

  • The ability to communicate complex information in simple terms
  • Attention to detail
  • Strong teamwork skills

While many of the hard skills in nursing might not appear transferable, analytical and people skills can help your tech application stand out. 

When considering a move into tech, make a list of your strengths with workplace examples for each one. This research can help you identify career paths and build strong job applications.

Technical roles for former nurses in tech

This section introduces technical roles that play to nurses' strengths. Eligibility for these jobs depends on your education, skills, and prior experience.

Nursing informaticist

Minimum degree required: Bachelor's

Alternate job titles: Clinical analyst; nursing informatics officer; healthcare informaticist

Important characteristics: 

  • Strong analytical abilities
  • Healthcare and technology training
  • A clinical background
  • The ability to evaluate complex data 

Nursing informaticists use data to create new processes that improve patient care, healthcare outcomes, and nursing practice. They draw on healthcare data to recommend data-backed methods in healthcare delivery. A background in nursing helps informaticists break into the field.

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