what is bizgurukul affiliate marketing? is bizgurukul fake? All you need to know about bizgurukul affiliate marketing


what is bizgurukul affiliate marketing? is bizgurukul fake? All you need to know about bizgurukul affiliate marketing 

First of All, what is Affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate's own marketing efforts.
Affiliate marketing is the process by which an affiliate earns a commission for marketing another person's or company's products. 

What is BizGurukul?

BizGurukul,  is an online e-learning platform that sells entrepreneurial, career, and business development skill development courses, as well as training on how to make money via social media. Despite the fact that BizGurukul has its own website where these courses are promoted, they cannot be purchased without first entering the sponsor ID.
One must go via what they refer to as their affiliate scheme, which, incidentally, is touted as extremely lucrative. More importantly, this lucrative potential has nothing to do with the course content, the affiliate's qualifications, age, or work experience. It takes the form of a commission paid by BizGurukul to the affiliate for each person who purchases the course materials.

This differs from other affiliate marketing programs, which allow customers to buy straight from websites without needing an affiliate link. BizGurukul, on the other hand, only sells its course materials through affiliate links, which are offered to the potential consumer.

Is BizGurukul fake or scam?

Affiliates who have been asked if this business model resembles the multi-level marketing (MLM) model, usually respond by claiming that BizGurukul is a private company under the Companies Act 2013 and is registered in New Delhi, with the registrar of companies under the ministry of corporate affairs (MCA). However, their legal status does not justify their business practices.
Yup there are lots of free content available but Bizgurukul is offering -
  • Course
  • Certificate
  • Webinars & trainings
  • Explanations/clearance anytime from professionals (experienced)
Apart from that affiliate marketing option (not mandatory ; depends on you whether to sell or not) This means you can implement your knowledge right after learning from there course ๐Ÿ˜ƒ !

For Those of you who have seen wolf of Wall Street or heard about the story of Jordan belfort, Bizgurukul is exactly a legal version of Stratton oakmont. They at first prioritize you and send you a YouTube video about how successful it's affiliates are and how they are making a ton of money. Then they introduce you to some absolutely shit course and make it feel very valuable and tell us that it's worth tens of thousands but they are giving it to you for just a few thousands. Then the affiliate will call you and feed you some bullshit about how we can be successful by using just 1–2 hours a day but won't say how exactly we’ll be making money. We get very excited and buy the fucking course. And then boom! Our money is gone. But you’ll be feeling very good at first. Then you take a look at their course and realize that all they sold you was shit and there is no use of that in making money through bizgurukul. Then the worst part is after that. The way to make money in bizgurukul is to sell the same shit you bought to another person and make a commission off of it. Pretty pump and dump scheme right? This is how bizgurukul works. Cycles of buying and selling shit to people who pay their hard earned money believing that they can make thousands off of ripping people off. 

Bizgurukul is complete waste of time. You only have to ask people to buy the course and then get the commission.

They talk about Youtube mastermind and instagram star bla bla bla, all this is available for free on internet already. The people on instagram showing the money - is not consistent and you will only fall into their trap i.e buying a waste course from them.
Unfortunately, BizgGurukul is not a genuine affiliate marketing. A genuine affiliate marketing program does not want their affiliate to pay money to join the program. Amazon affiliate does not ask for money to join the program and neither does others top affiliate program.

The problem with affiliate marketing is you will only see what want they want to show you. Meaning you won’t see people who failed to generate even a single rupee and there are thousands of them.

What you will only see is people who just made their Rs. 2000 in commission flaunting on social media. luring people who are desperate to make some money. Chances are these people will not make anything more than first commission because they never learnt how to proper sell first hand.

And the course content in Bizgurukul is available absolutely free of cost on internet. Why spends Rs.3500 on something you can get for free?

If you want to start making money online start genuine affiliate marketing with a proper website.

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