How to create or open a virtual dollar account in Nigeria

 How To Open a Wise Account to get a virtual dollar account in Nigeria and Transfer Money also.

The money transfer platform Wise, formerly TransferWise, offers an easy, cheap, and transparent way to send money abroad.

Below, you will find how you can open a virtual dollar account and send money using Wise.

What Do You Need To Start?

In the next section, I’ll delve into a step-by-step process of opening a Wise account. But before that, you should know that you need to already have a bank account open in order to be able to use Transferwise.

Opening a Wise Account: Step By Step Guide

Step #1

How To Open a Wise Account to get a virtual dollar account in Nigeria and Transfer Money also.

Step #2

How To Open a Wise Account to get a virtual dollar account in Nigeria and Transfer Money also.Select “Register”

Step #3

How To Open a Wise Account to get a virtual dollar account in Nigeria and Transfer Money also.

Enter your email address, create a password, and select your country of residence

Remember to change your country of residence to Nigeria  since the document you will be using to verify will be a Nigerian Document.

Step #4

Fill out the required personal information, and voila!

The system will send you an email with a security code or link in order to verify your contact information.

Congratulations, you are part of the Wise family. Now what?

Create a wise Account here.


Now to get a dollar account or even a Euro or British pounds account you will have to verify your identity. To verify your identity you will have to deposit a little amount to your wise account after which you can now verify your identity. without depositing you wont have access to the link that will enable you to verify or proof your identity.

How does Wise verify my identity?

When you open a bank account, you usually need to take some ID into the bank branch. Wise is no different. They’re a financial institution, so they need to know who’s using their service. It helps them combat money laundering, and keep everyone’s money safe. 

So depending on where you’re sending money from, and how much you send, they’ll ask for you to verify your identity. 

Types of identification

They accept these documents to verify your identity in Nigeria after-which you will be able to create a virtual dollar account in Nigeria, you can also create a virtual Euro account in Nigeria as well as a British pounds account which you can use to receive payments:

  • Passport (photo page only)

    • We don’t accept Russian or Ukrainian internal passports, so you’ll need to use a driving license or international passport instead

  • National ID card (we only accept the most recent version of the Nigerian national ID card with a chip on it)

  • Photo driver’s license 

However, there are a few exceptions:

  • Sending NZD: if you live in New Zealand and send from NZD, They need to verify your identity and address. They don’t accept Kiwi Access Card as identity documents.

  • Sending JPY: you will need to confirm your My Number along with your ID. Accepted documents are: My Number Card (both sides), My Number notification slip, or Jūminhyō with My Number on it. 

  • Sending from BRL: They can only verify your documents that are issued in Brazil. This can be your driving licence (front and back), passport, or Brazilian issued ID card (RG). 

    • For the Brazilian issued ID card: Although this card may not have an expiry date, we can only accept it if it’s been issued in the past 15 years. They’ll also need to see the front and back. 

  • If you’re a refugee: depending on which country you’re in, They can accept more documents than the ones listed above. Learn about verification for refugees

  • Sending from AED: They can only accept your valid Emirates ID card or passport. In some cases, we’ll need both — be sure to have both documents ready.

Troubleshooting verification 

We hope you don’t have any issues with verification. But here are a few tips in case you do.

If they don’t accept your document:

  • It may have some of the information covered. they need to see the full document photo page.

  • It may be expired. Please check that your document is still valid before you upload it.

  • Your details may not match. Please check that you have entered your name and date of birth correctly on the website.

  • they may also need to see the back of the document. If there is information on both sides, please make sure you upload both for them.

  • It may be a document type that they can’t accept.

  • It may be in a format they can’t accept, like a PDF.

If you haven’t heard from their team within 5 working days:

Check that you’ve set up and paid for your transfer — they can’t start verifying you until we get this.

they’ll email you once they’ve verified you. So be sure to check the email you use to log in to Wise first. And if you have a transfer already in progress, they’ll automatically resume it.

After you have been verified, its simple just add a currency and your account details will be available.

you can now receive money with your new dollar account. 

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