Stop wasting God’s monetary blessings by buying ‘Aso Ebi’ – Eucharia Anunobi admonishes (Video)

 Legendary Nollywood actress and evangelist, Eucharia Anunobi has remarked on Monday that persons who buy ‘aso ebi‘ for parties are squandering God’s financial blessings.

She revealed this during a preaching session on her Instagram page, wherein she warned her fans against wasting money.
The actress cum preacher, advised that individuals should wear what they have to parties instead of buying ‘aso ebi’. By being thriftless, the actress cum preacher believes they’re wasting God’s monetary blessings.

She said;

“It is not a must to wear ‘aso ebi’. It is not a must to buy that uniform. If you’re invited to that party, whatever you have in your wardrobe, please wear it and go.

“Because if you calculate how much money you spend on all those ‘aso ebi’ and those uniforms, you will see that you’re wasting a lot of monetary blessings that God gives to you.”

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