Nigerian Actress Anita Joseph Posts X-Rated Video of Husband MC Fish Playing With Her Boobs; Sparks Anger

 Nigerian actress Anita Joseph was slammed online after she posted an X-rated video of her husband, MC Fish, playing with her breasts on social media. Joseph was forced to take down the controversial video after facing severe backlash. 

The controversial Nollywood actress, who has 3.4 million followers on Instagram, secretly got married to MC Fish in 2019.

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The actress posted the roughly minute-long video to her TikTok and Instagram accounts.

In the video, Joseph and MC Fish argue over who should have access to a breastfeeding woman's breasts: her husband or her child. The video starts with MC fish rubbing his nose on his wife's breasts while she tapes it. Joseph, dressed in a black slip that just covers her nipples, says she was asked, "If hubby wants breast and baby wants breast, which one will you feed first?"
"I said Baby," Joseph is heard saying as MC Fish protests by repeatedly saying, "Hubby, Hubby."

"Why hubby? Baby because baby needs breast milk. Hubby can grab chilled cold water and quench whatever. You are asking too much," the actress is seen giggling as her husband continues to play with her breasts and rub his nose in the cleavage.

Giving an advice to the husbands, MC Fish then replies, "Hubbies before the baby comes enjoy them," while referring to her wife's breasts.

Sharing the video on her Instagram page, Joseph told her fans that if the post angered them, they should enter the pit. "In case you are angry about this post enter pit na oburo so'yi na apu ala abeg na baby need breast just saying respectfully," read the caption.

"Is this person with his regular sense or is it voodoo?" one user wondered, while another added, "Is this guy with his normal sense or is it voodoo?"

Another person said, "Someone mentioned Anita Joseph's husband was employed for clout purposes, not married."

Nollywood star Uche Maduagwu, who was enraged by Joseph's X-rated video, told the couple to quit acting like children because they were married, according to Legit.

"Stop acting like young children; it's called marriage for a reason; no matter how much affection you show in public, it's not called marriage. Make us try to apply a little maturity to this lovely partnership we call marriage. On social media, the boundary between substance and Iwa palapala is razor-thin "While sharing the couple's lewd photo on Instagram, Maduagwu said.

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