Piratera coin/crypto: METAVERSE NFT game


What is pira?

Piratera Token (PIRA) is a BEP-20 governance token for the Piratera World. PIRA holders can exchange from PIRA to in-game currency, trading on marketplace, stake to claim rewards and participate in key governance votes.

Player can also earn PIRA by participate the game and do game's quests.

To earn with Piratera, you must have at least one Sailor. Participate in battles. In addition, top players earn extra reward every week

Players can buy, upgrade their characters , equipment with BERI; own ships and islands and sell them on the marketplace to get PIRA.

When will this project IDO?

The IDO is planned to be in mid-December. Please follow all of our official channels for more coming up next information!

How many kinds of NFT are there?

Each Sailor is a non-fungible token (NFT) featured with distinctive skill & quality. Not only Sailors, the Ships, Item, and Island are also non-fungible tokens (NFT) and could be bought & sold easily.

Piratera is a Real metaverse NFT game? What is a real metaverse?

Piratera Metaverse - Piraverse opens a stunning world to get immersed in, play and earn. We believe that "metaverse" is not just about the world but the activities, connection, interaction and community in that world. We do not just build a world, we create a society for you in Piratera.

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