Electrinity Token (ELIT) - Promoting Clean Energy Using Cryptocurrencies


What is Electrinity?

Electrification (ELIT). Electrinity is a company dedicated to bringing the worlds of cryptocurrencies and renewable energy together. Electrinity works to make electrical energy more widely used, as it is a cleaner energy option for the developing globe and our long-term future. ELIT creates projects in order to achieve this purpose.


With Electrinity's business trade partnerships, ELIT Token will give you the opportunity to charge your automobiles at charging stations at a lower cost.

Electrinity intends to collaborate with the world's largest digital asset exchanges to provide a hassle-free payment card.

Why Buy Electrinity Token Now

Electrinity (ELIT) aims to integrate the trade of renewable energy sources with the world of cryptocurrencies. ELIT will invest in renewable energy sources throughout its roadmap, it will keep its value high steadily with the profits it has made, and it will be listed in the major stock markets.

Presale Below the Market Price

We will pre-sell Electrinity Tokens below the market price. It will trade for higher when Electrinity Token becomes listed in various stock markets.

A Promising Future Project

The world’s first and only cryptocurrency that is created to be used in the energy sector. Electrinity will become the industry-standard cryptocurrency to be traded in the energy market.

Low market cap

You will become an early investor in a project that possesses the potential that is of grandiose nature. Electrinity provides a profit margin to those who bought Electrinity Token in the presale.

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