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 Ecio Space (ECIO)

Ecio is a blockchain-based NFT Adventure-Fighting Game with all new unique characters designs. In Ecio you can collect a hundred space crew from over 30 species including our Solarian kingdom and combine with various weapons and equipment.

What is Ecio Space

ECIO is the first blockchain game to allow you to team up with a friend and extend your Space Crew from three to six members. To obtain more goodies, compete against other crews in the team arena or battle in survivor mode.

Aside from the game itself, the ECIO ecosystem will include a Comic, among other things, that will tell the game's backstory. Discover how the many races are engaged in a fierce struggle for independence and dominance. You must train to be the deadliest warrior in a galaxy consumed in battle.

The Ecio marketplace is a decentralized online application that allows users to buy and trade NFT assets. There is no limit to how many assets you can list in the marketplace, including space fighters, genetic fragments, blueprint pieces, and mystery boxes.

TRUELY MULTIPLAYER is not just a single-player game with PVP. We also prepare the most addiction multiplayer mode to play with your friends, you can survive a hundred alien wave invasions together, co-operation plays to defeat the strongest enemy, or even compete with another guild.

In Ecio you can create over 41 million unique space warriors in single Kingdom. The difference in 7 parts of equipment will generate a lot of possibilities of warrior fighting styles and team battle strategies. This unique feature will help players adding more value to their NFT assets even it is not a rare type of character.


Every NFT asset you get from the game can trade in their marketplace. There you can sell everything or find the space warriors that fit your strategy and even the pieces of equipment you need to upgrade to your warrior.

Token info

Ticker: ECIO
Type: Utility-token
Token price in USD: 1 ECIO = 0.0025 USD
Token distribution:
Strategic Sale - 3,29%
Private Sale - 8,66%
Pre Sale - 0,75%
IDO - 3,00%
Advisory - 1,04%
Strategic Partnership - 2,93%
Marketing - 10,00%
Team - 20,00%
P2E - 30,00%
Liquidity - 9,43%
Staking - 9,43%
DEX Liquidity - 1,49%

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