Calo run Metaverse IDO


Calo App is a healthy application based on blockchain technology. Workout everyday, burn your calories, participate in challenges and earn money.

Almost all of us do exercise for our health, beautiful body and connection with our friends. Furthermore, Calo App will help you get more income when you sweat on routine activity and Calo challengesMake your workout activities like a game. That’s the gameplay which Calo will build for the world. Imagine how It could be interesting when together with your Lolo Booster, you run in the dinosaur forest and you know, don’t let them catch up to you. Or everyday, you will burn at least 400 kcals to fight the Fat Zombie invading the earth.

Basically, with Calo App, together we can donate steps, burned kcals to charity funds openly and transparently on blockchain.

Every calorie you burn, Calo app will calculate and reward you in tokens or NFT items.

That is a value proposition that we call Burn to Earn

The innovation of the Calo App is the motivation for users to do daily exercise more, which makes health to join the joyful challenges. Then, users can get more income, NFT items to become the brilliant investors.

Fat Token

Fat Token is blockchain - based platform crypto currency. It is an unlimited token and issued by sync in activities data into Calo App. The more calories you burn, the more fat tokens you earn


Calo Token is issued based on the Blockchain platform, which is completely decentralized. Based on Heath Mining mechanism, Calo will trigger corresponding Token distribution for each challenge completion of each user on the chain which includes result recognition, tokens, currency holding income and NFT mining pool, and will record all private keys to ensure its fairness.

Total issue: 500.000.000 Calo Token

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