Tiger King (TKING) crypto


Tiger King is a deflationary meme coin named after the reality TV show of the same name. Joe Exotic, the show's main character, sponsored the Tiger King token, which drew a lot of attention. It's really cool.

I'll reiterate the same core cautions as Hoge Finance. To begin with, a deflationary currency isn't always a good thing, just as an inflationary currency isn't always a good thing if it gets out of hand. Rather, every currency's goal is to maintain stability. It builds trust among its users in this way.

Second, avoid falling victim to the rarity fallacy. Just because there are a limited number of something doesn't mean it's valuable.

If you're going to take a chance on Tiger King because you think it could be the next Shiba Inu, do it because of its rational trading pattern. Higher volume appears to have frequently confirmed rising prices in previous rallies.

However, before putting any money at danger, I'd wait for TKING to complete collapsing.

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