MonaCoin (MONA)

 MonaCoin, an ostensibly open-source peer-to-peer payment network, has had a cult following for years. I've heard about this highly speculative coin for a long time and am cursing myself for not investing in it sooner.

MonaCoin is "fundamentally" appealing — if I may use such a term — because, unlike so many other meme coins, it is priced at a reasonable rate. MONA is currently available for a few pennies under $1.50 at the time of writing.

I understand why a lot of people, like SHIB, want to buy meme coins that cost fractions of a penny. The law of huge numbers will work in your advantage in this case.

However, many people are concerned about such unreasonably low prices. For them, an investment with a reasonably substantial price is reassuring.

MonaCoin almost reached $17 during the 2017 crypto bubble, according to its history. If MONA were to return to that level, it would represent a gain of more than tenfold over the previous price. While it may not be the next Shiba Inu in terms of gains, this cryptocurrency is not to be overlooked.

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