Court Sentence Man, Idris To Life Imprisonment For R@ping & Infecting 6Yrs Old Girl With HIV

 Idris Munkaila was sentenced to life in jail by a Jigawa State High Court in Birnin Kudu for assaulting and infecting his six-year-old sister-in-law with HIV.

The convict had previously been forced to marry the victim's sister when it was discovered that he had also infected her with HIV.

Zainab Baba-Santali, a spokesman for the state's Ministry of Justice, revealed this in a statement on Friday.

Mr Munkaila, a resident of Sara in the state's Gwaram Local Government Area, committed the crime in June 2017, according to Mrs Baba-Santali.

The judge, Musa Ubale, declared him guilty of rape on October 5, an offense punishable under Section 283 of the Jigawa State Penal Code Law, according to the statement.

Mr Munkaila was discovered to have enticed the little girl (name withheld) and chastised her not to inform anyone after assaulting her, according to Mrs Baba-Santali.

According to the spokesman, the victim's mother noticed a yellowish discharge from her private region a few days later, and the girl subsequently reported the convict's violation.

She went on to say that evidence presented in court revealed that the defendant had previously infected the girl's sister with HIV following an encounter with her just before she was to be married to another man.

“The sister … informed her parents that it was the defendant (Mr Munkaila) who infected her with HIV.

“The marriage was cancelled and the sister of the prosecutrix was married to the defendant based on arrangement by their families.

“However, the mother of the prosecutrix having known the defendant’s HIV status, she took her 6-year-old daughter to the hospital for medical test,” Mrs Baba-Santali said

“The defendant was later arrested and charged to court for the offence of rape.

“In proof of the case the prosecution called five (5) witnesses, and tendered two (2) exhibits and the defendant testified for himself.

“Both counsel to the parties addressed the court.

“The found that the prosecution had proved its case beyond reasonable doubt, thereby convicted the defendant and sentenced him to life imprisonment as provided under the Jigawa State Penal Code Miscellaneous Amendment, 2014,” the statement said.

One other Discharged

Meanwhile, in another judgment, the official said the judge discharged and acquitted Garba of Maduba Fulani Settlement of Buji Local Government Area of the state.

“Mr Garba was arraigned for the offence of culpable homicide punishable with death under Section 221 (b) of the Penal Code Laws of Jigawa State 2012.

“The facts of the case was that, in the year 2018, the defendant was said to have used an axe and caused serious injury to one Abubakar Juli (deceased) which led to his death.

“The deceased was said to have hailed from the same community with the defendant. The defendant was arrested and charged to court, but he denied the charge.

“In order to prove the case, the prosecution called two witnesses and tendered two exhibits, then closed its case. While the defendant testified as a witness in his own defence and closed his case.

“Delivering the judgment, the judge held that the prosecution failed to prove their case beyond reasonable doubt, thereby the defendant was discharged and acquitted,”

In the statement, Mrs Baba-Santali remarked. 

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