BSC GameFi 9D Announces Exclusive Beta Test


BSC GameFi 9D Announces Exclusive Beta Test
Nearly 10,000 entries already prove the Call from the Moon has major hype.

COGI Token Beta Test

Call from the Moon, the first martial art play-to-earn game on Binance Smart Chain, has launched its maiden beta test. There is still time to join the beta test whitelist, which ends on November 16th at 13:00 UTC. The beta test will run for a week, from November 19th to November 25th, and there will be prizes totaling $8000 USD up for grabs.

Following a successful initial dex offering (IDO) of the $COGI token on BSCStation and KAIStarter last week, the 9DNFT team announced the beta test on Twitter. The game will be available for download the day before launch, on November 18th, at 02:00 UTC, and will be accessible for PC and Android.
“The battle is about to start, hurry up to register and win yourself a ticket to participate in Beta Test, so you don't miss any special events!” read the official announcement from the 9DNFT team.
There are 999 tickets available for the admittance, and about 10,000 people have already registered. The winning participants will be chosen using a point system that ranks the entries. On Nov. 17, one day after the whitelist closes, the winners will be announced.

Since its inception last week, the $COGI token has risen by 94 percent, from $0.2843 to $0.554 on November 15th. The hype for 'Call from the Moon' appears to be high, so we'll see how well the beta holds up after the first week of play.

Sign up for the beta whitelist for Call to the Moon here. Check out the notice for a complete schedule of upcoming beta test events.

What is the Cogiverse:

The Cogiverse is based on COGI (Crypto Online Gaming Infrastructure), an online MMO gaming platform that leverages Blockchain technology to "digitize assets" and bring users' real-world value to the game. Our goal is to build a gaming community on the Blockchain platform, allowing players to "Play 4 Fun" as well as "Play 2 Earn" with millions of people all over the world via COGI's game ecosystem. The COGI ecosystem's initial product is 9DNFT, a massively multiplayer online martial arts game. 9DNFT is backed by a strong and talented Vietnamese team with the goal of transforming traditional games into the digital assets of the future.


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