Working MTN 0.0k Free Browsing Cheat latest update 2021

Another 0.0k Mtn data cheat 2021 free surf that allows you to surf for free on your Mtn sim without using any airtime is available. Most individuals are likely to have heard of this before, perhaps in 2019 or 2020. We'd like to share the most recent 0.0k mtn free browsing hack for 2021.

You may have seen it online before but you are still confused about how to use it or how it works. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered because we’re going to tell you how to use the latest free Mtn data cheat 2021 0.0k, which seems to be the daily limit for 100MB Mtn data, although you don’t need airtime to get free browsing in To do 2021 you just need to fulfill requirements until you get something done.

NOTES: Not all these cheats will work for you, some sim card will support it while some will not. So, don’t make a fuss if the cheat doesn’t work for you.

Requirements for Free Browsing Mtn data cheat 2021 MTN 0.0k

Get mtn sim without airtime.

The SIM must be active and able to activate the cellular network.

Download the required VPN by clicking here.

Get the VPN configuration file here.

Download here to learn how to use the configuration file.

Once you meet the requirements, proceed to the steps mentioned below to get the 0.0k mtn free browsing cheat for you.

MTN data cheat 2021 [How to activate Mtn data cheat 2021 0.0k Free Browsing Cheat 2021]

Once you have downloaded the VPN, open it.

You must import the configuration file or the configuration file you already downloaded.

But first, read the instructions in the text files you downloaded earlier.

This implies you'll need to update the configuration file's name and password.

Then it's finished. Open the VPN you just set up and get the latest version from this page.

In the VPN app's top right corner, look for the + sign. 2021 MTN 0.0k free surf

Then choose the first option, which is to import a configuration file. 100MB MTN data cheat 2021

Click Import and input the password after finding the configuration file.

The passcode can be found in the txt file you downloaded earlier.

Turn on the network connection when the file has been successfully imported.

On your VPN, look for the play button.

Wait for the connection to be formed before dragging it to the statistics box.

After you've browsed and read the statistics, check to see if they've been reversed. Mtn 100MB of free internet

Then you're good to go; you can now begin surfing for free, or 0.0k mtn.

Remember that you won't have showtimes on your mtn channel if you want this to operate.

If the stats aren't legible at all, turn off the VPN and reconnect to make sure they're visible again.

After you follow the steps carefully, it will work for you and tunnel all your apps. If it doesn’t seem to be connecting, switch your network to airplane mode and reconnect, works on 0.0k mtn with no airtime, there should be no data available for the sim you want to cheat.

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