Woman got married to a man without knowing he had no legs for 8 months

 Ndayisenga, a physically challenged guy, has told his story of hiding his impairment from his wife until the day of their wedding.

The groom and his bride, Deborah, have been married for eight months, according to the groom who shared his experience with AFRIMAX.

Ndayisenga revealed that he dated his wife for two years but never told her that he didn't have legs, and she didn't find out since they agreed to keep their relationship pure until they married.

Ndayisenga described how he got incapacitated as a result of a bomb blast that resulted in the amputation of both of his legs.
Many people in his village harassed him because of his disability, telling him that no lady would ever want to marry him.

In response to a question about how he met his wife, he stated that he met her while competing in a singing competition. They were good friends, and their friendship grew into an intimate union.

He was unable to tell her that his legs had been amputated while they were dating because he was afraid of being rejected, as he had been rejected throughout his youth.

They arranged their wedding, married, and his bride was taken aback when she discovered that her husband lacked legs, but she still loved him.
During the interview, Deborah emphasized that he is the best husband and that she will always support him. She also stated that she would make sure he forgot about his childhood trauma as well as the relentless bullying he endured.
Ndayisenga, on the other hand, expected his wife to divorce him, but this did not happen.

They've been married for eight months and claim that their marriage is the best thing that has ever happened to them.

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