Which country is a Zoo?

 Which country is a Zoo? 

Is social media confirming Nigeria's status as a zoo?

Which country is a Zoo?   Is social media confirming Nigeria's status as a zoo?

There has recently been a comparison of Nigeria to a zoo. It started in July, when Senator Shehu Sani used an animal comparison to describe Nigeria's current political predicament on Facebook. Aisha Buhari, the First Lady, responded to Senator Shehu Sani's Facebook post in the similar vein four days later.

Unsurprisingly, these portrayals of Nigeria as an animal kingdom sparked outrage among Nigerians on social media.

However, things became worse when Naij.com reported that the police had discovered the Badoo cultists' shrine in Ikorodu, where they were allegedly responsible for the massacres. "That is Zoo country for you," a young white woman, Lisa Harley, said in response to the article.
Of course, Nigerians were not amused by her remark, and they took turns hurling insults at her. On the one hand, she should have anticipated the repercussions of her snide remark on a highly sensitive report. A more realistic view of the situation, on the other hand, somehow justifies Lisa Harley. She did not coin the comparison of Nigeria to a zoo; there was a "existing framework" to build on. And, given that individuals who established that foundation are national stakeholders, Lisa's responsibility may be limited.

Those who used social media to express and respond to opinions about Nigeria in a grossly inappropriate manner are to blame. Over the course of time
We've seen a lot of things happen on social media, including disputes that start and posts that go viral, and how it has influenced real-life events.

This is most likely why the government has sought to regulate social media on multiple occasions. But aren't they also victims of people using social media to make inane comments about the country?

Those campaigning for secession have referred to Nigeria as a zoo; a Senator portrayed the Nigerian scenario using animals, and the First Lady endorsed it. How can we be offended if the West gives us a thumbs up and demands to see our tails?

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