TRENDING VIDEOS: Cleric Asks Islamic Students To Brutally Flog Colleagues For Attending Birthday Party In Kwara


On the orders of their cleric, several madrasa (a college of Islamic teaching) pupils in Kwara State are being cruelly flogged as a form of punishment by some senior students of the school.

The students were badly assaulted, according to a Twitter user named @EkunStoner, when they went to a friend's birthday celebration.

He said that photos from the birthday bash had been shared on the internet. Their teacher, on the other hand, saw the message and assumed they had consumed alcohol.

"These Muslim brothers and sisters went to celebrate the birthday of one of their friends, so they shared this photo, which their Alfa saw." He assumed they drank alcoholic beverages, but they just drank Yoghurt."

Meanwhile, other Nigerians have taken to Twitter to denounce the act and demand that the offenders be punished.

This is the Aftermath of the beating they received 😞😞😞

Here are some of the responses:

I remember when I Dey go modrasa in Alfa yayah in ilorin that time.. I came late ,the next is to be beat me 20 stroke cuz I came late , I received 5 and the 6 one meet in me awe†aswear I’stand up and tell the Alfa if dem born you well beat me again,

— BRYAN (@mayorcash26) October 9, 2021

This incident happened In Ilorin Kwara state
If Religion no kill na small go remain

claimed alfa was flogging a boy so mercilessly, I intervened then he called for backup and the locals ran me out of the mosque, including the child’s mother. twas one of those locations I can’t pronounce in Ilorin, dumb barbaric folks

- (@faruqfromdeep) October 9, 2021

If they can justifying beating a lady like this without mercy or empathy…. Now imagine how this animal will treat their wife at home. This are the same Alfa wey we see finish for ilorin then. Animals.

— ISHIKAWA® (@SegunOjo3) October 10, 2021

They were accused of taking alcohol, if you wanna know the secret of these hypocrites go to Ilorin, this so called Alfa’s have first degree in promiscuity, dem be numba 1 for adultery, you can count on ur fingers d number if beer palors in ilorin, bt hotel dey almost every street

— Okikiola_paulðŸ (@Okikiolapaul1) October 10, 2021

That video of a girl being flogged in a mosque is screaming Ilorin. Those people in that state are educated but they are extremists.

Charles Inojie, a prominent Nigerian actor, also took to his verified Instagram page with video excerpts of the incident, urging the state government to investigate the matter.

"How could any educational authority find justification for this?" he wondered. Which parent would be able to sleep comfortably at night if they saw slide four, and it's all the more devastating to think that their teachers are there watching with joy and encouraging the assailants on?

"Whatever the offense, the school should have other means of enforcing discipline than this open exhibition of cruelty." This is what I've heard happened in Ilorin. Kwara State government has been handed over to you, Oya. You have a responsibility to redeem yourself in front of the entire world, or you will only have succeeded in producing hardened criminals who will terrorize society tomorrow. BRUTALITY MUST BE REJECTED. SPEAK OUT AGAINST MAN'S INHUMANITY. SPEAK OUT AGAINST VIOLENCE. SPEAK OUT AGAINST TORTURE."

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