Referee beaten to coma, as Kogi FA Chairman Cup ends turns bloody

 On Friday, a Nigerian batch was humiliated in Lokoja, the capital of Kogi State. Some enraged fans beaten a referee named Haruna into a coma.

The referee is currently being treated in an unknown Lokoja hospital.

The event occurred during the final match of the maiden Kogi State FA chairman cup between Kogi United feeders and Kabawa United at the Lokoja Confluence Stadium.

Representatives from the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF), the Nigeria Referees Association (NRA), Football Association Chairmen from 36 States of the federations, Kogi State Government officials, and others attended the game.

The trouble began when some enraged Kabawa United fans attacked the referee, accusing him of biased officiating.

In the first 25 minutes of the first half, Kogi United's feeders squad had a 2:0 advantage over Kabawa United courtesy to a costly blunder by the Kabawa United goalkeeper.

The game was stretched to 3:0 due to the visitors' inability to match the strength of Kogi United's feeding.

Fans encroached onto the pitch in the 40th minute, enraged by the current result of the match, chasing the referee and other official staff.

Despite the presence of heavily armed police officers, vigilante guys, and other sister security organizations, the fans continued to commit the heinous act.

Other officials were able to flee the mob attack, but the referee was pummeled into a coma and transported to the hospital.

However, the game was called off in the first half.

"Imagine the police and other security agencies were here and they could not do anything while the referee was being beaten. It is a shame. I regret coming here to watch this disgrace where we have visitors across the federation,,” an angry fan said

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