Mother of three seeks help to expose side chick who is pregnant for her ‘impotent husband’


A married woman with three children seeks advice on how to reveal her impotent husband's side chick who is attempting to blame him for his pregnancy.

According to the woman who sought assistance from a relationship adviser, her husband, who is ignorant that he is impotent, is being blackmailed by his side chick over a pregnancy.

Read on;

"I’m married with 3children. My husband shuttles Us and Nigeria because of his business.. my husband just visited and I went through his phone and found out that his side chick is pregnant. The pregnancy is not the issue here.

The side chick is threatening my husband to send her abroad the same way he sent me and my children abroad. She said if he refuse to send her abroad, she will tell me about the pregnancy and my husband is trying to calm her down because he doesn’t want me to know he has a girlfriend.

Ceetee, the truth is that the baby doesn’t belong to my husband. My husband can’t even father a child. He doesn’t know. After 2years of my marriage, no sign of pregnancy. We went for test. I pleaded with my doctor friend not to tell my husband that he can’t father a child. I started cheating with my side boo.

My three children belong to my side boo who is also my ex boyfriend. Now a lady is trying to give another man’s pregnancy to my husband. I want to put her in her place without implicating myself. If I keep quiet, she is out to drain my husband. Please my husband is not aware that our children belong to my ex. Please save my marriage"

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