MTN 2021 FREE DATA CODE - Over the weekend, we released a free unlimited internet trick that is currently trending, along with a free 900GB MTN code.

Before we move on to the tricks, those in other regions who have requested weekend tricks should be patient as I must sort out the majority of the tricks before posting. As a result, I'll be able to post a couple of these today and finish the rest tomorrow.

This is a fairly easy approach that does not require airtime consumers to subscribe to anything or utilize a tunneling software. To activate the free 900GB, all you need is a simple code.

Oh, and before I forget, this method is available to all MTN customers worldwide. The technique is outlined below.


1. A Nigerian MTN SIM card that is devoid of data or credit.

2. Android, iOS, or computer-based devices

Configuration options 3


Simply hit * 131 * 7 * 5 * 1 * 1 # repeatedly to accumulate free data. You obtain 120GB, and then repeat the process to obtain as much data as you desire. Please keep in mind that this content is solely for educational reasons! You are in charge of your actions and how you use them.

How to activate the latest unlimited 0.0kb Mtn data cheat 2021 for free surfing

Migrate to mtn call beta or pulse (BT to 131)

Download the VPN app below

Install the app

select mtn unlimited server (server list)

Choose Unlimited Tweak mtn (Settings List)

Finally click Connect and enjoy unlimited browsing

Note that you don’t need to have data and showtimes as this works like a hammered VPN setup.

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