“I want you to be at peace” – Cubana Chief Priest leaks Maria’s chat screenshot pleading with lover’s wife

 Cubana Chief Priest, a celebrity bar man, leaked a conversation between Maria Chike, a popular reality star, and the wife of her lover, whom she had threatened.

After being called out for having an affair with a married man, the biracial reality star wrote on her Instagram story, 'If I can't have you, nobody can.'

In a recent post, Cubana Chief Priest exposed the reality by sharing her conversations with her lover's beleaguered wife, whose marriage is on the verge of implosion.

In the chat, Maria apologized for the drama brought upon the family while assuring the woman that she was ready to give up the affair just so the marriage can go back to what it was.

Sharing the snapshots of the chat, Cubana Chief Priest wrote, “Side Chick Dey Message Madam Dey Advice Am, Maria You Get Mind Shaaaa.”

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