"How did I get here in my career?” — Rapper, MI Abaga laments while riding in tricycle (Video)

 Jude Abaga, also known as MI Abaga, a rapper, has generated outrage online with a video he just posted while riding a tricycle known as Keke Napep.

The rapper turned to Instagram Stories to show a video of himself riding a Keke Napep (Tricycle) and asked how his career had progressed to the point where he was riding a Keke Napep (Tricycle) instead of driving a flashy car or SUV.

MI Abaga wrote the captions for the brief video clip.

"How did I get here in my career? Pride? Selfishness? Stubbornness?”

The video has in turn caused reactions amongst fans on social media, as they wondered how true it is that one of Nigeria’s most successful rappers might have fallen off the top.

Watch the video below:

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