Which is correct between lying and lieing?

 There is nothing to differentiate between “lying” and “lieing” because only one spelling is correct: “lying,” the present participle and gerund for “to lie.”

PRO TIP: Do NOT use “lieing,” as it is not a word; it is merely a sad misspelling. The correct spelling is “lying.”

The first word, “lying”, is spelled correctly, and the other — “lieing” is not.

“Lying” can mean telling an untruth, or it can mean reclining in a prone position, but the meaning can only be determined by context and sentence structure.

The spelling lieing is not used. The verb lie has two meanings, to lie down and to tell lies.

Lie, lay, lain

I lie on the bed, I lay on the bed, I have lain on the bed

Lie, lied, lied

Lie to my mother, yesterday I lied to my mother, I have lied to my mother

As or lying, it is the present participle of the verb n is the same spelling for both the verbs i

I Am lying on the bed

I am lying to my mother

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