Diezani’s 11 ‘invisible’ bras, 41 waist trainers, 17 magic skirts for sale


Bras and waist trainers have been placed for sale by the Federal Government as part of Diezani Alison-personal Madueke's assets forfeited.

125 bridal gowns, 13 little gowns, 41 waist trainers, 73 hard flowers, 11 jackets, 11 invisible bras, 73 veils, 30 brassieres, two standing fans, 17 magic skirts, six blankets, one table blanket, and 64 pairs of shoes are among the other goods on the list.

Diezani's properties in Banana Island Foreshore Estate, Ikoyi, Lagos, including 18 flats and six penthouses, were also forfeited to the government.

Diezani was accused of stealing $2.5 billion from the Nigerian government while she was minister, but she has disputed the charge.

Since then, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has begun the process of extraditing her.

The government has started the process of vetting 613 independent valuers who will be in charge of selling the assets that will be permanently confiscated.

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