Five People Who Are In Guinness Book Of Record Because Of Their Unusual Hair Type

There are a lot of people that break Guinness world records for their hair, just like there are a lot of people who live exceptional lives, strengthen their bodies, and go through incredible exercises to achieve world records.

This article profiles five well-known people who set Guinness World Records for their unusual hair growth.

1. The lady with the wildest wig

Drew Barrymore, a prominent Hollywood actress and model from the United States, arrived on set with a big haircut that measured 2.23 m (7 feet 4 inches) in width on January 27, 2017. Kelly Hanson and Randy Cartagno created the wig. Before she took the stage, four people had to put a wig in actress Drew's hair.

Photo Source: Google.

2. Youngest female with beards

Harnaam Kaur is the world's youngest woman with a full beard and is from the United Kingdom (UK). In September 2015, her sideburns were confirmed to be covered by her beard.

Her beard is remarkable because the hair on her face is caused by a hormonal imbalance caused by polycystic ovarian disease, according to the Guinness World Record.

Photo Source: Harnaam Kaur || Instagram.

3. Longest beard ever by a male

The Guru Nanal Sikh Temple Congregation in British Columbia, Canada, is led by Sarvan Singh. With a beard length of 2,495 meters, he presently holds the world record for the guy with the longest beard. (8 feet 2 inc).

Photo Source: Guinness World Record.

4. Teenager with the Longest Hair

Nilanshi Patel, who was 16 when she turned 18, holds the record for the longest teenage hair. Nilanshi began growing her hair when she was six years old and cut it after 12 years. She let her hair grow to a length of 200 centimeters before cutting it.

Photo Source: Google .

5. Tallest Full Mohican Mohawk

In the United States, Joseph Garrisamor presently holds the world record for the tallest mohawk. His hair is three feet long, 42.5 inches wide, and one meter in length. This hair treatment, according to Joseph, does not require much upkeep and is visible from afar.

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