THE ESSENCE OF LIVING(Happiness is the goal)

Happiness is the essence of Life.

The first and the last ulterior motive, behind each and every act of an individual is simply to attain “Happiness”. There is no single person who has not faced any problems while climbing the ladder of success. There are both joyful and sad moments in life. A man having a goal of life to accumulate abundant wealth does not go on accumulating it merely for the purpose of fulfilling this aim, but to have distinct advantage out of it.

 This advantage may be to maintain a cozy standard of living and a good status etc. In fact all this is meant to make an individual feel happy. The happiness does not come alone but is generally followed by sorrows as a close companion.

 The starting point that is the ‘Birth’ is happiness and the ‘Death’ is misery. During the interval of birth and death, happiness and misery go hand in hand like an inseparable pair of twins.

There are many who give in to circumstances but there are very few who fight back and are not ready to surrender themselves to the unfavorable situations. It all rests in our hand as to which path we choose and how far we travel. “Only those who risk going too far can probably find out how far one can go.”

Life is not a cake walk each and everyone has to perform their part in spite of all setbacks. Every aspiring person that succeeds to the top had persevered day and night to achieve his goal. Success never comes to any person easily but it comes to those who work hard and have a far sighted vision. Sometimes we think why God chose us for so many miseries, but what we forget is God chose us to be different than the masses and do something creative that is great.

Life is a sort of game of winning and losing, a wise decision is that which is arrived at after considering one's capability to handle the consequences, one’s present circumstances, the purpose for one’s achievement by firming the Will to succeed,  and the most wise is one's financial considerations.

We are successful in our endeavors when we are introspective and awake to take corrective measures on the basis of our past mistakes.

If by destiny, one fails to realize the  decided goal, still what's wrong there, as in the game winning and losing always happen, why to feel guilt,  no need to go depressed, be wise take lessons and proceed afresh.......victory will be your goal. One losing can not be an impediment to your victory over the remaining all decisions that you would have to make. Look back..........., how many times you have been apprehensive but most of the time it was an anxious imagination of losing ......but when the time arrived...... all... that apprehended....went wrong.

Be happy and live in the present;.... present alone is happening......while the past has gone dead.........and the future, yet too far, is in the pipeline that you have to achieve, through this 'moment' by being tuned with  ‘Now’.

This is the way to realize your bright future and happiness in life.

One who readily takes the responsibility at occasions to share other’s trying time and extends help to the needy, that one definitely enjoys the pleasure in pursuits of his good deeds. The Supreme that pervades in all worldly existence, by having faith in Him and realizing one’s own role towards mankind, a man attains perfection, peace and happiness.

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